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ChicolaDear Bob, just a note to tell you that I can’t get the kids from VIVIENDO EL ARTE out of my mind. I was so impressed with everything I saw. It was electrifying! It was magical, it was funny, it was dramatic, and it was heart warming. But more than anything, it was heart breaking! I’m amazed at the talent of Antonio, and to be honest, tho I kind of knew it, I guess I didn’t really, not until last night! I was spellbound.

That play is great in so many ways and it has so much potential to do so much good. These kids are more than actors playing a part. This a real story of real lives; of their lives, of the struggles and heartbreaks they and their families and neighbors have been through and still go through. This is not just a play, this is REALITY, but yes, IT IS ART. They really are VIVIENDO EL ARTE, because they are genuinely bringing life to their art, and art to their lives.

I know what the right coaching and mentoring can do to help someone, but when it’s combined with LOVE, and with CARING – it can be TRANSFORMING (not only to the ones that are being helped, but to the one that is helping)! It is such a beautifully mutual, nurturing and sustaining relationship.

These kids have stolen my heart! No wonder you are so proud of them. It’s a miracle of love right before you, and for you. They are a great example of Puerto Rico for Puerto Rico, and FROM PUERTO RICO… to the world. Congratulations to all!

Norma Krassinski

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